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Krewe of Mwindo

P.O. Box 51031
New Orleans, LA 70151


Email: kreweofmwindo@gmail.com

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Our Krewe

We established this Krewe because we wanted to create a group in the New Orleans area for all people to get together and bond over shared interests. We offer exciting, fun events throughout the year.


Bringing together the community residents in an effort to promote outreach activities to educate issues affecting the community.


Provide activities that promote the New Orleans carnival experience to a segment to the community otherwise excluded from traditional carnival celebrations.


Provide community assistance on projects necessary for the advancement of our mission.


We are always pleased to welcome new members to Krewe of Mwindo. Please stop by - we would love to meet you!

Our Members

Glenn Johnson                          President & Recording Secretary
OJ Carter                                   Vice President & Member At Large
Bobby Wagstaff Mackie             Ball Captain & Special Lt.
Dennis E. Walton, II                   Financial Secretary & Tresurer

Our History

The Krewe of Mwindo was organized February 4, 1998 by Carlos Butler, Michael Forest, Thomas Franklin, Michael Hickerson, Byron Hogans and Jacob Simmons. The founders agreed to the name Mwindo because of his strength and tenacity to conquer obstacles placed before him.


The founders immediately began planning a rush party to attract new members. To our surprise twenty-five people joined and were interested in the concept of a Bal Masque. Fundraisers that first year were designed to increase the public presence of a new Krewe.  


Though there were many setbacks our first year, on January 18, 1999 at the St. Bernard Civic Auditorium, the Krewe held it’s first Bal masque. The theme was Mwindo Dreams in Colors. It was an overwhelming success and the Krewe of Mwindo had established a new presence in New Orleans.


Even with all the success of the first year, our second year was almost a carbon copy of the first in terms of our membership numbers. Just as Mwindo was a conqueror we survived and hosted our second Bal Masque on February 6, 2000. With the help of our dedicated membership, which was by then fifteen, Air Mwindo, Flight 2000 was as huge a success as our second ball.


In Mwindo’s third year, we joined the gay water volleyball league, held our first pool party at the Country Club, a vendor’s booth in Gay Pride New Orleans, a Southern / Jackson State football after party, partnered with the Society Page, Krewe of New Orleans Best, People of Substance and Brotherhood to sponsor the Bayou Classic weekend. Completing our third year with an ending membership of twenty-two, Mwindo placed a bet with All Bets are Off. This was our most colorful ball yet with bigger costumes. In year four, we partnered with the NO/AIDS Task Force, Community Awareness Network (CAN), Mwindo members were the feature of their first community calendar. Culminating our fourth year, Mwindo played a new game and presented, MWINDONOPOLY.


In our fifth year of existence, Mwindo’s membership has continued to grow. We joined forces with Black Pride New Orleans for the Fourth of July Pridefest and their KWANZAA Gathering. With the NO/AIDS Task Force, Community Awareness Network (CAN), Mwindo held the Hot Boy and Hot Girl Contest and a vendor’s booth in Gay Pride New Orleans. On February 2, 2003, we held CELEBRATE, the Fifth Anniversary in memory of two faithful members now watching over us, Norman M. Zardes, Jr. (King Mwindo III) and Jacob Simmons (founding member).


The Krewe of Mwindo is still making history by inviting strong and vibrant individuals to continue help Mwindo Conquer the Rest of the World.